Dear Jakey,

Yesterday I picked up the t-shirt memory quilts I dropped off months ago. They weren’t supposed to be ready until Thanksgiving but I got to pick them up yesterday. I was so nervous going over but when I saw the one for us I was so happy. It really has so many memories in it. Like your Run DMC shirt. And your Good Looks Run in The Family. And your grey striped hoodie. And a MIPT tie die. And the crane shirt and cookie monster shirt from Kir. And the Doodlebug shirt from Auntie Yvette. And the Jelly Belly shirt Daddy bought you when him and Sarena went to the Jelly Belly factory in CA. You never wore it but it still seemed important. Your Very Important Player shirt is on there which I remember dressing you in when you went to appointment’s at Children’s. It was the beginning of my special shirt obsession for you. There are also some good hand me downs from Ethan – his King of Rock shirt, his blue thermal. And your King of the Castle shirt (which you still are) and those rugby shirts I bought you for school. And of course, front and center (exactly where it belongs) is Jake -a Saurus Rex, the best shirt ever.

Anyways, when Ethan came home we cuddled under it for a long time. And it was nice. I also had her make a stuffed teddy bear, although it sort of looks like a frog out of your Easter outfit. Ethan loves it. And I am thrilled he loves it. I was so nervous about getting these things done. And I couldn’t be happier. They do exactly what I think they are supposed to do, be tangible memories for us. And since that is all we have now, I will happily take it.