Dear Jakey,

Yesterday your Mom found herself in another random experience. As you know, this is nothing new but I feel like I have had a few of these days that really stand out since you left me. Yesterday I helped out a friend that I met through you in a way – she was one of the people involved with the trunk show at Saratoga Trunk. Her name is Ericka and she makes really beautiful jewelry. Anyways, she asked me to model for her and I agreed.  And then when yesterday came it was all 18-year-old working models plus me. A solid 20 years older than them all and no clue what to do. But I woke up yesterday just knowing you would make it okay. And you did. It was fine. It was even fun. Sitting in makeup for 2 hours and having 5 outfit changes all done in a car made for a definitely different Friday. And I thank you for the courage to do it.