Dear Jakey,

So my running saga continues. I went for a run this morning. Still not loving it much but you got me through it this morning. I was getting so sick of it for my last mile or so and then I thought of you. I thought about your broken femur. And how much that sucked and how long you were in the hospital. And I thought about that day and how brave you were with Daddy at AMC. And then how brave you were until we made it to MGH. I think about how much that must have hurt when it happened in the middle of the night. And how none of it was in your control. And we had to try to figure out the best way to keep you comfortable but it was all really just guesses on our part. And sometimes we guessed wrong and I know the way we moved you hurt you. Anyways, those thoughts got me through my run. I was thinking that I couldn’t stop and be whiny when everything I am doing is totally in my control. And with that my last mile was not so bad. I love you buddy – so much.

I just heard that your headstone was moved to the right place and set today. I am going over to check it out now. Lots of love to you in Heaven. Mommy misses you.