Dear Jakey,

In about three weeks or so I am running a half marathon. It seems sort of random and at times I am quite intimidated by the whole idea. But, I have to say that over the last two weeks while I have been going on longer runs, I have found some solace in it. After I get over the annoyance of running, I reach my groove, albeit a slow one and I find that I talk to you and think about you and get lost in you. I work through the loss. And I think about the good times. And I come up with thoughts for your fundraiser. And make plans. And remember how I like being alone. And basically I know it is you getting me through it. I ran 9 miles, well 8.8, on Sunday and will try to get 10 or so in during the next week. And while I won’t be the fastest runner in town, I know I will finish because I know you will be with me.

Lots of love,