Dear Jakey,

You should see the house. It is like a JHFH storage unit right now. We have had two deliveries in the last week and three more in the coming days. And the fundraiser is less than three weeks away. And it all keeps me so busy. Today I was in Albany to pick some wine up for the raffle and then to Glenville to pick up some equipment donations. Each day lately there has been so much overwhelmingly good and supportive things happening, yet as happy as it makes me, it is still so very hard. It still seems like sometimes I am going through all of this new life and am watching it from the outside looking in.

Monday we went to a delivery of a little boy in Moreau. And on the way there your toy puzzle went off three or four times which was funny because it hadn’t gone off that much since Mr. Marc and I went to see Xavier. It makes me think that you approve of what we are doing. Anyways, Christopher was an amazing little boy. A living miracle. And his energy was so positive that you couldn’t help but smile around him. And then later in the day I got an email from his mother sharing with me that in the morning before we came there was big bright cardinal in the backyard. She didn’t know the significance and happened to mention it to Christopher’s speech therapist because it was so unusual to see cardinals in her backyard. Christine had read my letters to you told her what the cardinal means to me. So I thank you for the these signs, for playing your puzzle and showing up at deliveries. For dive bombing into me and Ethan this morning and into Miss Kelly before Easter. It is never enough but it’s something. And it’s all I’ve got. And I anxiously await my next sign or visit.

With so much love,