Dear Jakey,

I have been watching Ethan sleep for the last few days. His lips start to pout and he looks so incredibly peaceful. It has stopped me in my tracks for about a week and it wasn’t until Saturday morning that I figured out what it is. He always looked cute sleeping but now he has almost taken on your look. I used to wake up sometimes and just stare at you, trying so hard to not move a muscle so that you could stay still. Peaceful sleep wasn’t easy to come by for you and you could always tell when you were there – your didn’t twitch or move at all and you just looked perfect, absolutely beautiful. I miss that. I miss my arm and shoulder going numb because you would fall asleep on it. Anyways, your brother has somehow adopted your look when he sleeps and I find myself staring, unable to look away.

We are at our new house in PI. When we got close on Saturday, your puzzle was going nuts. I think it was you telling us you were glad we were here. And then on my run yesterday morning, the cardinal flew directly in front of me. It just about took my breath away. And it helped me run faster – I couldn’t wait to get home and tell Daddy. It is raining today and I kind of like it. Rainy days at the beach have their own benefit. And while I don’t want more than one, I am happy for today. I miss you my little peanut, so very much.

Lots of love,