Dear Jakey,

Today, March 1st, was the first snow day of the year. Ethan and I went out and built snowmen. And I realized it was really the first time I did that kind of stuff with him. Last year even though we had so much snow I didn’t do much of it – I went sledding with him once or twice but never really had a morning like we had today. So we built a family of snowmen – the four of us. And Ethan wanted to have you between me and him. And while we were making the four of us it felt sort of surreal because I so want to be a family of four again yet if we were I wouldn’t be outside building snowmen with Ethan. And it reminded me of the days when Ethan would go out and play and I would sit with you and run back and forth between you both. But what I missed most was the snugglefests of days past. And I’m not the only one – on the way to visit you the other morning, Ethan quietly said “I can’t wait until we are all Heaven with Jakey”.