Dear Jakey,

Well, it is a snow day here in Saratoga Springs. I keep thinking about a snow day last year when you, me and Ethan snuggled and were lazy all day. At one point, Ethan went out back to play and we watched from the kitchen window. I miss that. I am trying to be excited to go sled with Miss Kelly and Riley but it is another reminder that things are different. Ethan is so excited and I know we will have fun but I just wish circumstances were different, my little man. But they aren’t. So instead, here are some comforting thoughts:

1. Daddy and Ethan have their lockets. After a few delays with getting them their necklace part, they are both ready to go. So you are officially near all of us. Ethan is beyond excited and wants to look at it all the time. He loves it. We all do.

2. We all went to see you this morning. I went to boot camp this morning because Jennilee didn’t cancel and as you know I usually go see you right over after. This morning was a little sketchy so I didn’t  but Daddy took us over. There was so much snow but Daddy cleared a path, Ethan played, and we all made new hearts in the snow. The yellow rose Miss Bridget and Vera left looks perfect. Ethan stood it up last night and it froze in place and the yellow is so very vibrant.

3. The last two nights I put Ethan to bed he talked about you and said some really nice things. And then promptly fell asleep. It felt nice so that talking about you and remembering you when you would sometimes put him to bed with us gives him such comfort that he falls right to sleep.

Well, buddy, that’s it for now. Off to bundle up to go see Miss Kelly and Riley and do some sledding. Wish me luck. I miss you so very much. Wish we were snuggling on the couch together in front of the fire.  XOXO