Dear Jakey,

This is another instance of you knowing more than me. A couple of days ago the cutest snowman ever appeared next to you. The words “We Love You” where next to it. It is so adorable and so great. We all love it. But, those of us here on Earth have no idea who did it! Lots of friends read your letters so I am hoping whoever did it reads this and knows how awesome they are. Or Jakey maybe you should find a special way to let them know how much you love it. Either way it is nice to remember how good others are and let them know how much they mean. So – thank you –

On another note, Daddy and I picked out your headstones today. We picked out a pretty nice bench to sit at the foot of the whole plot. And then for you a pretty simple marker. I like it  – very comfortable and very appropriate. We can sit on the bench and look at you. And hopefully we can get it all settled in on your birthday.

Off to Lake Ave -and sending so much love,