Following our April 2, 2012 Board of Directors meeting we funded 8 different applications. A sampling of these recent purchases include:

A complete TumbleForms seating system for a 5-year-old boy in Waterford. He suffered a severe sepsis infection when he was 4 that led to neurological devastation, limb amputations, stroke and other medical complications. This system allows him to be properly positioned and have a safe place to sit, eat and play.

A Stamina Magnetic exercise bike for an11-year-old in Schenectady who suffers from seizures, cerebral palsy, autism and severe headaches. He has limited mobility and the ability to exercise safely at home will help him with strength and balance.

Hippo-therapy sessions for a 2-year-old girl from Watervliet. She suffers from Alternating Hemiplegia, a rare disorder that causes transient episodesof paralysis. Hippo-therapy is helping her gain mobility,strength and endurance.

An Emfit Movement Monitor for a 3-year-old boy in Germantown. He suffers from night-time tonic-clonic seizures that need medication to be stopped. This monitor would alert his family at the onset of a seizure.

Tumble Forms Pediatric Positioning system for a 17-month-old boy in Latham. He is suffering from hyperbilirubinemia,respiratory complications, decreased muscle tone and Chiari I Malformation. This system will be used daily to develop trunk strength, for safety while eating and to help regain lost skills.