Dear Jakey,

Daddy and Ethan are off to pick up Sarena. You are sleeping and as I wait for you to wake up I am watching “I Love You, Man”. It is a stupid movie but I like it. There are two guys in it who are friends and are doing all sorts of goofy, fun friend things. It got me thinking about a bunch of goofy things I have done with my friends from innocent silly stuff to crazier more adult type things. I have been thinking today about some of those silly times because one of Mommy’s oldest friends turns 37 today. It means Mommy is getting old and as I remember memories from over 20 years ago I think about how important friendship is. To this day there are people who stand by us and support us and people who we get together with and act ridiculous. It shows how important friends are and how fun they can be. Anyways, it got me thinking about you again. And if you will ever be able to experience some of the crazy fun that I’ve experienced. I hope so. One of my biggest hopes for you is that you can have some super silly fun and laugh until you cry over something absurd. I am grateful to all my dear friends who have given me a lifetime of laughs and hope that you get a chance too. Either way, you will always be my best little buddy ever.