Dear Jakey,

The Superbowl is about to start. I am pretty ambivalent this year. I am going for Green Bay but not for any strong passionate feeling. Just because. Anyways, it is not like you and I have any strong real connection to the Superbowl but I have found today to be another “different” day. By now you know what I mean when I say different, it really just means that I am struggling with getting used to the now, and wanting anything prior to 12-8-10.  I am sitting with Ethan, Daddy is on his way downstairs from the shower and wings should arrive shortly. But you are missing, you on my lap, you snuggling with us. You in your hoodie footie to match ours. And through the game, I will be working on the power point presentation for the hotels – another sign that things are different. I wouldn’t being doing this if you were here. I wouldn’t have projects to keep me busy – I just would be busy.

Tomorrow I will ski. And I like to think that I am closer to you when I do it. I love you so much and will see you several times tomorrow. Ethan feels pretty good that he saw you more than me today. I, however, like to always be the one to see you most so I am out of sorts!

Love to you my little peanut,