Dear Jakey,

Tonight Ethan got his green belt. He did a really great job in his first class as a green belt, taking his new form very seriously. After class, we went to the connection for our celebratory dinner. It has been a while since we have been there, given how often we used to go. And I feel like when the three of us go now, there is an unspoken sense of missing you. Unspoken until tonight that is. We were sitting there, eating our sampler and having our drinks. The 1921 margs for me and Daddy and a Shirley Temple for Ethan. And Ethan said “remember when we used to bring Jake here and they always gave us a big table?”  And then it was out in the open. And I know we all were thinking about it and have thought about it every time we have been there since December 8, 2010. We went there as often as we did because hands down we were accepted there. They easily sat our family of four at a table for 8 on a busy Friday or Saturday so that we had room for you. It was awesome. And we went there when we came home from the hospital from your hip surgery. There was no other place we would go with you in your spica. And then I got thinking about our history there and I remembered when we went there for the very first time. Daddy wasn’t with us. He was visiting Sarena but Auntie Spunky was here. You, me, Ethan and Auntie Spunky went. You were on my lap and Ethan, who wasn’t even 3 yet had to go potty. Auntie Spunky took him and he did his thing – he took the biggest poop ever and poor Auntie Spunky was left speechless. With no kids of her own, she had no idea what little boys could do. It is funny to think about our small town and all the memories we have in it. And so many of those memories are in one form or another connected to you.

Tomorrow we head to the city to go see the Yankees/Red Sox game. Last Red Sox game we went to was with you. And the picture that we use as the logo for Jake’s Help From Heaven was taken at that game. Without a doubt, you will be missed. I always thought you would see the new Yankee stadium when I did. I’ll let you know how it is. Ethan and I have our Yankees gear all good to go. Daddy is left alone now in his Red Sox stuff – he liked having you as a partner in Red Sox Nation. We all love you and miss you every minute of every day.