Dear Jakey,

  1. Turns out that Ethan’s toys are not zoobles. Apparently we call them zoobles but they are something different. What Santa brought him are called zoobs or something like that. You can build all kinds of cool things with them. I think I call them zoobles because I know that Paige tells us that you play with them in Heaven.
  2. Daddy and I were at the hospital this morning for blood work. The minute I walked in all I could think about is that is where you took your very last breath.
  3. Daddy used to take you to the lab for blood work all the time. It must have been weird for him to be there back in the lab.
  4. I was also at the hospital on Thursday. It is weird how often I am there. I don’t like it Jakey and it doesn’t get any easier. It doesn’t get any harder. It is mostly just surreal.
  5. Tonight was the Lake Ave Pasta dinner. We went to see you before we went over. It struck me as odd and very sad that this was our 2nd time going and both times were without you. You never got to experience the lake ave pasta dinner. And maybe you wouldn’t have but you would have been home cuddling with Kate or Cait. The fact that we have done it twice without you blows.