Dear Jakey,

Recently I realized something that made me pretty sad. Technology down here has changed quite a bit since you went up to Heaven and I don’t really stay on top of it too much. Honestly, your brother has surpassed me in my ability to know how to work things. Anyways, one thing I have managed to figure out and enjoy is an app called timehop. Each day it pulls a picture or that was taken on the same date years ago. It is pretty cool and is usually good for a chuckle or a nice memory. At first, it bothered me because you were never in the pictures from a 1,2, or 3 years ago and that sort of sucked. But I soon became okay with it because I usually got some good photos from 4 years ago. However, in the last few weeks it has been showing me things I remember so vividly like your sleep study at Mass Eye and Ear, your liver biopsy and your hip surgery at MGH and it has begun to make me anxious. I remember the Memorial Day weekend when you were in your spica and developed pneumonia and we were stuck here with doctors that didn’t know what to do. And somehow Daddy and I knew what was best for you, demanded the prescriptions be written and kept you out of the hospital and got you through it. All those memories are still good for me yet I can’t help but think of it now as the beginning of the end. The beginning of your last six months on Earth. And it makes timehop seem al lot less fun.