I almost forgot Jakey – and it is only day 2. Anyways, here goes:

  1.  Miss Bridget and I bought you a Giants necklace. Go Big Blue.
  2. I looked at pictures of you last night in your orange spica and your superman shirt. You were cute as a button.
  3. Paulie’s mom – who you only met once – had a dream and you were in it. She said that she thought you missed me. I know you miss me buddy and I miss you so very much but part of me really believes that you are so warm and happy and free that you can wait as long as necessary to see me again. I think my wait is worse.
  4. We are sleeping in LG tonight.
  5. Daddy and I met with Rich at the Strike Zone about your event today. I love having this to focus on. I finally feel like my energy can go somewhere positive.

Til tomorrow my little peanut.