Dear Jakey,

Top Ten Things I Missed About You Today:

1. The way you used to look right when you fell asleep with your head on my arm. Just beautiful. And perfect. I close my eyes tight to try to picture it but it is not the same.

2. Making your meals. Bet that surprises you since I used to bitch about it sometimes. But I miss it. I was shopping today and I avoided the avocados. And I felt weird buying eggs. They are just too wrapped up in you.

3. Watching TV with you. Now I know it was usually my crappy TV but you used to fall asleep and I couldn’t resist snuggling with you and holding you until you woke up.

4. Dressing you. And making you look perfectly adorable.

5. Walking to pick up Ethan. You only came with me a few times a week but I liked it. I miss the red stroller, I miss pushing it and I miss you being with me

6. Your smell – sometimes after the bath. But sometimes you had keto breath and that was your own smell too – and I miss that.

7. When your hair got really really curly after a bath.

8. Logan and Zander  and your whole crew at Prospect. I loved dropping you off and having them get so excited to see “Jay-Jay”

9. I miss you in the car. I miss that I always had someone to talk with or sing to.

10. Basically, every single thing about you. I just miss you and our life. Our days and our routines. I miss it all. I hope you know how much I think about you. And I hope you know I really can’t wait to see you again.