Dear Jakey,

I love you buddy. I am writing from Aruba. Our trip has been really fun so far. And the time away with friends is a good thing. It is funny though because I was wondering if I would feel you down here with us or if there would be any of my weird interpretations of you. When we first got to the house, we saw a bunch of pretty spectacular birds and I thought about it being you but it didn’t really seem like it. And I have spent time each day talking to you and keeping you close to my heart., but I think the answer is that you are not here with me on this trip. I can’t speak for Daddy but for me, I don’t really feel you here. And I am okay with it. Like always, I get a little anxious at the thought of you gone and so far away and it still seems pretty much unreal. But maybe you are with your brother more this week. I hope so because I miss our talks with you and our visits to your grave. Sometimes those more than anything keep me feeling close to you. Anyways, buddy, I will be by to see you  Sunday and I fully expect some connection with you soon but if you choose to wait until we are back in Saratoga I will be okay. Love you more than life.