Happy Valentine’s Day my sweet Jake!  I feel pretty good about your decorations. Ethan and I were at your place – decking it all out on Friday morning and we were both so thrilled to see the cardinal there watching. The wind has wrecked some havoc on the stuff so we will take it all down tomorrow but at least you know we’re thinking of you. We decided to go to the connection tonight for dinner after TKD as our family Valentine’s dinner. Daddy and I have our craving for the cheesy and saucy mexican food but I also think you may have played a role in our decision. We haven’t been in a long time and for the longest time it was the only place we went with you. It feels right going there tonight.

And I got my new ring today. It is beautiful – not hugely different from my other one but still different. It makes me sad that you’ve never seen it. It feels weird to have it be something else, something that you don’t know.

Hope you guys are having a super fun bash celebrating Hunter’s birthday in Heaven.