Dear Jakey,

Dr. Browning called yesterday afternoon and somehow I missed the call and just got it about an hour ago. Not sure how I managed to miss that. Anyways, I have called back and we are now waiting for her return call. I may have to page her soon and enter stalker mode. Not sure I can go into a long weekend without hearing back from her.

What do you think she is calling for? Not just to say hi that is for sure. She must have learned something from the biopsy. I wonder what she learned because I can’t imagine she would just call without any big news to report. I hope I am not building this up to something bigger than it is but I really would like to hear what she has to say.

Apparently, I have bored you with all this because you have fallen asleep in your stander. You probably have the right idea though and are smart to not get all worked up like Mommy. Regardless of what she says or what we learn, all will remain the same. You will keep being a rockstar and Mommy, Daddy and Ethan will keep loving you up. But a diagnosis would be nice….