Dear Jakey,

Short letter tonight because Momma is tired. But a couple weird things happened to me today. And they both had to do with you. I was in the kitchen and out of the corner of my eye I caught that picture of you walking in the lite gait. It has hung on the fridge for well over a year I think. And I only think that because of the outfit you are wearing. And I know you didn’t wear it this past summer. I think it was the summer before. Anyways, not the point. The point is I saw that picture and for the briefest of moments I felt like it came to life. I could remember everything about that day in a flash. It was cool because for a second I thought you were here. And then I felt a little crazy, like something strange had happened.

And then later I was upstairs in the laundry room. One of the pictures is an even older one – but also of you in the lite gait. And it happened again. I could picture you in that red California hoodie. You had the hood up and you looked adorable but kind of pissed off. I don’t think you were feeling it that day. But it was the same – for an instant I remembered everything and felt everything and thought you were there.

Not sure what it was about. Maybe it was you telling me you can walk and don’t need the lite gait anymore. I love you buddy. So much. And that will never change.