Dear Jakey,

I almost didn’t write because I was worried about what to say. Today has been another day where all though we plugged along and did our thing – I just am sad. A weird, different, deeper sad. But you know that and no one wants to hear it anymore. So as I was about to go up to bed, I thought that I would give you an idea of what is happening here on Earth this week.

1. Tomorrow I am tiling the bathroom floor. That may shock you and seem highly out of character. You are right. It is. Many moons ago your mother tiled a floor in her old condo in Boston. Daddy was always impressed and now in the midst of all this craziness I have ended up with a tiling job on my hands. I am a little nervous. It’s been a long time. But I’ve got all day (well after I snowshoe with Cynthia, get your brother to school and start week 5 with Sharon). Wish me luck.

2. I am skiing with Miss Bridget on Tuesday. Then I will be back to grout in the afternoon.

3. Wednesday skiing – hope it is not another snow day. Could be a big storm coming.

4. Daddy is going to visit Sarena.

5. Lunch with Tina on Thursday. I am excited to visit with her. The loss of you has brought new friendships into my life and she is one of them.

6. Uncle Steve is coming for a visit on Saturday afternoon.  But first is another ski day with Ethan on Saturday. G-Pa is coming with us. Should be fun.

7. Busy week. I also need to finish the yearbook stuff, put a power point presentation together and really get some more cards done. I owe so many people thank yous and there is so much I want to do for you. Maybe I will start some of it. Or maybe it will move along to next week’s list.

Jakey, I desperately miss you. We cleaned up and organized your grave today. It was starting to look a little yard saleish but now it looks awesome, or as awesome as it can. Help us out down here – we miss you so much. We love you to pieces.