Dear Jakey,

Dr. Browning called yesterday and left us two messages – one at home and one on my cell. Both messages started the same way “I’ve got great news!!”. Well, her great news is that Dr. Florian Eichler has agreed and is excited to take you on as a patient. Just goes to show how great news is a relative term. Yes, it is great and I am thrilled that the country’s expert in white matter and leukodystrophies is willing to help us figure things out. However, I would have preferred him to say that after looking at all but one of your MRI’s he did not find you all that interesting and that you in fact most definitely do not having white matter issues and definitely do not have some insanely rare leukodystrophy. That would really have been the great news.

But that was not the case, so we have yet another new doctor visit with another new set of eyes to examine you. They wanted us to come out on November 10th but sometimes Mommy has to draw the line. We are going next week for the VEP and I explained that we would prefer to do it on either November 3rd or December 15th since he only sees patients on Wednsdays. I just can’t see going back and forth and have learned that a month will likely not change much yet the constant disruption in your life does. So unless I hear otherwise – you will meet Dr. Eichler in December and  we will spend a solid 4 days with everything from your brain to your hips being examined by the best. And in between November 3rd and December 13th, I promise you lots of normal, family fun without doctor’s using you as their research project.