Dear Jakey,

Yesterday I super proudly represented MIPT Kids at the stationary bike race. It has been happening for a bunch of years and for some reason I could never be there. And this year I could. So I was. And I rode on the MIPT kids team which was just perfect. I know how much you loved Karen and MIPT and it seemed like just the thing you would want me to do. And I couldn’t help get a little teary eyed thinking about the group of people I know through you and how we are all still here and you are not.

Anyways, I am keeping really busy with the foundation. We are doing good things in your honor. But it always comes back to the startling realization that we are doing this because you are gone and no matter how much good we are doing, whenever it sinks in why it just takes my breath away. I would give anything to have you back here.